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Stepping one additional time in the debugger will cause the local/field's value to be correctly updated. NET Framework 4.6; upgrading to that version of the Framework should solve the issue. NET Framework 4.6.2, Unicode data in the framework has been upgraded from Unicode standard version 6.3 to version 8.0. NET Framework 4.6.2, some results might not match the results in previous . This change mostly affects Cherokee syllables and New Tai Lue vowels signs and tone marks. These include P/Invokes without asserting Security Permission Flag. Cng Key has permission demands for Security Permission Flag. NET Framework versions are installed on a machine should be updated to understand that 4.6 is a new possible version, and one that is compatible with previous 4.5.x releases. NET Framework 4.6.1, if the invariant contract for Contract.

String representations of Content Disposition's have been updated, beginning in 4.6, to always represent the hour component of a Date Time with two digits. This causes To String() to return a slightly different string in 4.6 in scenarios where one of the disposition's time elements was before AM. Unmanaged Code permissions, and code paths where System. Invariant or the precondition contract for Requires calls the String. String)' without [Pure] in method." This is a compiler warning rather than a compiler error. To eliminate this warning, you can download and compile an updated version of the source code for the Code Contracts tool from Git Hub.

The app should not require modification because of this change. NET Framework 4.5.2 to 4.6.2, review the following topics for application compatibility issues that may affect your app: that would hit these conditions (the Grid View is on the last page and Last Page Size is different from Page Size). Note that moving in the other direction (serializing with the . on an indexer property which differed from another property only by the type of the index would result in an Ambiguous Match Exception. NET Framework 4.6, the property's attributes will be correctly returned.

Alternatively, the app can be modified to allow paging (instead of custom paging), as that scenario does not demonstrate the problem. NET Framework 4.5 using the Net Data Contract Serializer cannot be deserialized in the . Be aware that Get Custom Attribute(s) will work more frequently now.

Non-default app domains will continue to inherit their Target Framework Name from the default app domain (which will not default to null in 4.6) unless it is explicitly overridden.

was passed for the verbose parameter and there were certificates installed that weren't supported by the . Now, the method will succeed and return a valid string that omits the inaccessible portions of the certificate.

NET Framework 4.5 causes values set via a null coalescing operation to not be visible in the debugger immediately after the assignment operation is executed when running on the 64-bit version of the Framework. NET Framework 4.6.2, Cng Lightup was used to switch to System. Apps that depend on these registry keys to know which .

Edge case This is a change that affects apps under very specific scenarios that are not common. Alternatively, because this issue is addressed in the . NET Framework 4.6, the value of Dynamic Base would be randomized between application domains, or between processes, if Use Randomized String Hash Algorithm was enabled in the app's config file. NET Framework 4.6, Dynamic Base will return a stable result between different instances of an app running, and between different app domains.

Transparent This is a change that has no noticeable effect on the app's developer or user. Similarly, all 4.x cross-version serialization works with the . Serializing and deserializing with a single version of the . NET Framework 4.6, it may be solved by upgrading to that version of the . Dynamic bases will still differ for different apps; this change only removes the random naming element for different instances of the same app.

The outcome of certain horizontal scrolling operations has been changed to produce results that are more intuitive and more analogous to the results of comparable vertical operations.

The operations include "Scroll Here" and "Right Edge", to use the names from the menu obtained by right-clicking a horizontal scrollbar.

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