Who is bruce jenner dating 2016

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We all likely remember the scene on when Caitlyn refused to dance with a man when she and the other women were taking dancing classes.She confessed that she knew that dancing with a man on camera, even just for fun, would immediately make headlines and she didn't want her children to see it.’” It's no secret that Caitlyn Jenner has become an icon in the transgender community. , Caitlyn has made appearances on guest panels, award shows, movie premieres and most recently, she happens to be gracing the cover of H&M Sport.

But if they wanted it to be a secret, well, Caitlyn could have avoided having Sophia's legs in her photo of the sunset.

Which speaks of a woman who, despite being out and proud, still has some internalized issues with who she is. Still, she's overcoming a lot of hurdles as she truly embraces who she is.

In fact, just a few days ago, Caitlyn Jenner fulfilled her fantasy of walking on the beach as her authentic self. Sophia used her school newspaper at Pepperdine University to reveal that she was transitioning.

Some of Sophia's photos were almost certainly taken in Caitlyn's house.

Also, they both snapped photos from Caitlyn Jenner's hotel room balcony in Cabo.

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So, these two are definitely friends, which is no surprise.