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I’ve definitely had a lot more breakouts than normal (). Some moms get a dark line that runs down the center of their baby bellies.At first, I didn’t think I was going to get this, but then one day it suddenly appeared.As with anything pregnancy-related, there are all sorts of opinions here.I love how differently everyone feels about this & think it makes our pregnancies so unique.

Nothing like a little game or competition to make things more exciting! It’s free to place a bet, but we’re open to setting up some more serious gambling too if there’s enough interest. Lucky for me, both the Chinese Lunar Calendar & the Ancient Chinese Gender Chart say girl.Many have expressed that they never could have waited, or they wouldn’t have felt prepared, or they wanted more of a connection to their baby.Those are all fair feelings, albeit incredibly personal to each peron. With technology making it so easy to find out now, it seems like most do, another factor in my not wanting to. N probably would have found out if it were totally up to him.😉 We’ve got 7 votes for boy, 8 for girl, & 1 for neither (o).As far as the two supposed “most accurate” tests, they both predict we’re having a boy.

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