Website to mutually sex chat

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Website to mutually sex chat

Get at me if you would like to cam together (5k cb followers min, more is better, or anyone or more 30 and bi or NB, like myself) or you would like to shoot portfolio work and a few images or videos I can sell commercially (I suck at sales, so I'm still not even making rent from any of it) TRAVEL NOTICES (no, I won't play with you unless you are bi and work in the industry, if escorting were legal, sure, until then legal porno only Why yes that is a dumb rule, thanks for noticing tell your legislator, moving, on....) NYC/NJ - **CANCELLED** still trying to get there DETROIT - MAY 5- Tricky @ Magic Stick ANYTIME - Come to my studio for photos or camming. email me a link to your work with the subject BOOKINGMotor City Comic Con - let me know if you're coming, I was going to get a room for my bday before leaving for london and then I smashed my car and bricked my phone so I'm behind again with no ability to regain that ground quickly. FRIDAY the 25th MEET ME in front of either the National Gallery or Tate Modern, still deciding...LONDON - May 23-Jun 8I'm finally getting back to London after 6 years of missing the friends and lovers there that helped me survive the last major SI scare I had before my hospitalization. Concerts, music festivals, nerd conventions, nude beaches, art installations and food are reasons enough for me to travel. Vanilla meet ops will be whatever concerts and conventions I can get myself to.

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I am finally healthy enough to even consider dating again and so far it's been ...mixed.

I had multiple lovers and partners throughout the US and in a few other countries long before I began camming. Previous to that I had tried [and failed] at camming at the dawn of the millennium, I genuinely wish this place had existed then. BBS and html chats you had to refresh manually, anyone?

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