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Alongside his complicated family situation, this seemed like a lot of baggage to Sharip.Then, at a breakfast hosted by a bank where he was setting up an account, he met Irina Ayatova.Mu-Hyuk, A Korean adopted to Australia, is a tough but very attractive street guy.he is shot in the head at his girlfriend's wedding and must wait for his death. See full summary » Woo Jin takes care of his son Ji Ho alone after his wife Soo A passed away.People treated him as though he were “from another planet,” he says. It was too painful.”Both David and Natasha are African, in a sense.

He was 50 years old, divorced, with three children and a nephew living with him.

Woo-Hyun entered the police academy ranked first and graduated from the academy ...

See full summary » Tae Gong Shil has the ability to see ghosts, but their constant demands of help make her life impossible, until she meets Joo Jong Won, handsome CEO that measures everything with money, since when she touches him, the ghosts disappear.

Not speaking up and letting people manipulate you is annoying and this drama was full of it. But, Chae Rim and So Ji Sub will not be together most of the time.

However, it was SO fun seeing these wonderful actors when they were young. They love each other but they keep on fighting and they break up.

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Especially KSW and SJS, who are two of my favorite actors. They will make up only for the last 5 seconds of the drama.

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