Validating email on blackberry Sexcam thai

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Validating email on blackberry

I know when switching devices I've noticed you have to validate your BIS Email addresses.

But it should be secure by doing it through your phone.

The specific date seems weird as it normally just says I can't do it and you need to fix it.

But there is not harm logging into the BIS site and checking things.

I did as I was told (beginning to think that this was rather foolish) and my Blackberry says that the password is not valid. Thanks, Jo Without actually reading the email, it sounds to me like a scam. Have you changed any passwords or edited any of your accounts lately?

Open your Blackberry Internet Service account by completing one of the following actions: *On the Home screen, click the Setup icon and click Email Account or Email Settings.

*Using a browser on your computer, visit the Blackberry Internet Service website.

Black Berry 10 See How to use the Email Account Validation Tool.

My Hotmail email was going to my Blackberry OK and then it asked for validation. Then tried to set it up again on my Blackberry but it still won't connect.

I then uninstalled it on my blackberry and changed the password.

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It's not like they are asking you to send it via email.

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