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Us dating solutions rockford il

Amazingly, she was full time employed in a demanding job position.

How she held down this job for so long was amazing in itself. Her depression lifted, and her mental clarity so much improved that it was like meeting a new person.

After two months receiving methadone, Kiley became completely free of illicit drugs. Hidden under years of addiction-related exhaustion was a beautiful & capable human being with enormous ability and potential.

Very importantly, he had become ready for real change.

The norm might surprise you …Some people will come through it ok using just a few resources.

And still some will need both treatment & medication support.

A fair number of people find that opioid replacement therapy is the answer they needed, due to dramatic brain chemistry changes which have occurred. Real Life 1: Sharon is a woman with a heroin addiction (dating back to her teen years) who became pregnant in her twenties.

Without the proper help & support, many intelligent & capable people will remain lost in their addiction … As they struggle with physical sickness, emotional exhaustion, and mounting stress, their lives can literally fall apart. Realizing that she needed to get herself together, at least for the welfare of her unborn child, she entered a methadone treatment program.

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