Updating xbox to play avi

Posted by / 01-Jan-2018 20:46

So much for “Digital Rights.” More like Digital TYRANNY!

Hopefully, like me, you will see your MP4 files, which are again playable!

It just says “No videos found’” whenever I go into a folder with MP4 files.

Anyway, after wasting more of my time, I was able to figure out how to get my MP4 files playing on the Xbox 360 again!

You can do that by going to Tools, then Options and clicking on the Library tab. Go ahead and delete everything from the list except for the defaults.

Step 2: Now you need to stop the Windows Media Player Network Sharing service.

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You attempt to play the video, but unless you’re signed on to XBox Live, you get a message saying you need to download an update in order for the video to play; an update that you’ve already (countless times) downloaded. I’ll give you my story, and I’m willing to bet yours is similar. A long string of numbers uniquely identifying your particular XBox.