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Updating windows registry

If a non-admin user is logged in to system, and if Windows detects that there are some updates available, then setting upon the registry key, updates will be downloaded and installed on the system.

How to find the last time updates were installed on my Windows computer?

Value of ‘1’ indicates that the option set where as value of ‘0’ indicates that the option is not set.

If enabled, how should the downloads be installed on the system. The behavior for each of the values is as below.0 : Auto updates are enabled and the downloaded updates will be installed immediately.1 : Automatic updates feature will be disabled.I have a piece of script to update windows registry.But it turned out that it works only for the users who ran the script. Can anyone tell me how to apply the changes to all users in a computer?But, I want to access "SOFTWARE" Sub Key in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" section in windows regystry. On Windows 10, you no longer have absolute control over software updates.

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