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Updating to r134a

AUTOMATIC LEAK DETECTION MANAGEMENT The KONFORT 700 series units automatically carry out a dual leak detection check.

All safety related operations take place automatically in order to eliminate errors.

ince 1990, over one million technicians have achieved Section 609 certification through the MACS Worldwide Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling Technician Certification program.

MACS created the first technician certification program for refrigerant recovery and recycling, and the program and the MACS organization were cited by name in the Clean Air Act of 1990 (Title VI, Section 609).

There are several drop-in R12-equivalent gases which are legal and easily obtainable. It’s 50% more expensive than R134a but the actual cost per charge goes from around £11 to £17.

The KONFORT 700 series air conditioning recharge stations adopts a high efficiency redundant fan system to eliminate any possible refrigerant build up within the unit.

On top of this, virtually all new cars from about 1994 were fitted with R134 a/c systems.

So most garages didn’t bother to consider older cars, and instead made money out of unnecessarily converting old systems to R134.

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM FLUSHING In order to guarantee safety and efficiency, it is important that each type of oil and refrigerant are not cross contaminated.

TEXA have therefore developed a special automatic flushing function to clean the internal circuits of the service station.

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This was (and still is) often done very badly, for example, not changing the hoses so the gas leaks out quickly, not changing the oil so the system clogs and compressors fail early etc.

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