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SVr4 curses is better known today as X/Open Curses.

In mid-June 1995, the maintainer of 4.4BSD curses declared that he considered 4.4BSD curses obsolete, and encouraged the keepers of unix releases such as BSD/OS, Free BSD and Net BSD to switch over to ncurses.

Sample outputs: Fig.01: Install ncurses library using apt-get Sample outputs: Fig.02: Install ncurses library using yum Create a test program called hello.c as follows:#include int main(void)First, make sure you install GNU/GCC C compiler on a Linux: To link to the ncurses library pass the -lncurses option to gcc/cc command: $ cc -o output input.c -lncurses $ cc -o hello hello.c -lncurses Run it: $ ./hello Sample outputs: Hello World !!! C ========= (c) Copyright Paul Griffiths 1999 Email: Moving windows with ncurses.

*/ #include int main(void) Compile and run it as follows: $ cc -o curwin1 curwin1.c -lncurses $ ./curwin1 Sample outputs: Fig.03: Basic window operations in action using ncurses See page and for more information.

Install the ncurses-devel package if you want to develop applicationswhich will use ncurses.

RPM found in directory: /mirror/archive.download.redhat.com/pub/redhat/linux/6.0/en/os/i386/Red Hat/RPMS Provides :ncurses-devel Requires : Content of RPM :/usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2 /usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c /usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c //usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c /NEWS /usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c /PROBLEMS /usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c /README-first /usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c //usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c /cursesapp.h /usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c //usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c /cursesf.h /usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c //usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c /cursesm.h /usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c //usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c //usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c /cursesp.h /usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c //usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c /cursesw.h /usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c //usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c /cursslk.h /usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c //usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c /edit_/usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c /etip./usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c /headers /usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c /internal.h /usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/c /modules /usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/test /usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/test/Makefile /usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/test//usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/test/README /usr/doc/ncurses-devel-4.2/test/blue Updated ncurses packages that fix one bug are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

Since 1995, ncurses has been ported to many systems: The distribution includes the library and support utilities, including Full manual pages are provided for the library and tools.

- pkg-config doesn't show tinfo link flag for ncurses Hello, I have the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.9 server and tried to install following packages: dahdi-linux-complete- libpri-1.4.14gz asterisk-12.0.0-alpha1 I followed the guide and had the problem in the phase: When I run the command ./configure I got the error ... So I checked the site and found ncurses-devel-4.2-10.i386package for the Red Hat 5.This update fixes the following bug:* Prior to this update, compilation of applications that use pkg-config andstatic linking could fail, as the files did not include the "-ltinfo"option for static linking with ncurses. no configure: error: *** termcap support not found (on modern systems, this typically means the ncurses development package is missing) I checked this: [email protected] asterisk-12.0.0-alpha1]# yum list installed | grep ncurses ncurses.i386 5.5-24.20060715 installed ncurses.x86_64 5.5-24.20060715 installed I checked also this: [[email protected] asterisk]# yum search ncurses Loaded plugins: security =============================== Matched: ncurses =============================== mtr.x86_64 : A network diagnostic tool.To fix this bug, the "-ltinfo" optionhas been included in the pkg-config files and applications now compilesuccessfully. ncurses.i386 : A terminal handling library ncurses.x86_64 : A terminal handling library pinfo.x86_64 : An info file viewer.My version of ncurses is: 5.6-7.20070612yum install ncurses-devel tries to install 5.5 which is not right.Where can I find the right version of this package?

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The ncurses (new curses) library routines are a terminal-independent method ofupdating character screens with reasonable optimization.