Updating ipod touch 2 0

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Updating ipod touch 2 0

" Quick Type will also get better with time, by learning your vocabulary, and adjusting to your typing habits.

Yep, you won't be left only with the new Quick Type keyboard on the eventual big-screen i Phone 6.

After the biggest visual overhaul in i OS history last year, the new i OS 8 doesn't offer a bold and freshly overhauled look, but will bring many brand new features to your aging i OS device, and improved functionality.

These are arriving to the Such a major i OS update is a good excuse for some fall cleaning of your device.

There have been occurrences when Apple's activation servers go down on account of the monster amount of immediate requests, and if you hit that button at the second the prompts appear, you might be left with a device that has no restoring in sight until the servers get up again.

The biggest new addition that i OS 8 will bring might turn out to be the new Health application.

You never know what might happen during such a major mobile OS update, so we'd advise that you back your entire phone up first, and then hit the airwaves or connect the cable for an upgrade via i Tunes.

The "quick" term in Quick Type stands for text predictions.Siri becomes an always-on personal butler, awaken with the "Hey, Siri! Siri now also features the Shazam song recognition service, and lets you purchase content from i Tunes with your voice.In i OS 8 it flaunts streaming voice recognition, and 22 new dictation languages.Those interactive notifications have been rumored for a while before the i OS 8 announcement, and now they are here.Not only that, but the new Notification Center is being opened up to third-party widgets.

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Third-party keyboards will also be able to make a cameo, which bodes well for all you Swype-loving aficionados.

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