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Nokia Software Update now has firmware v31.0.016 available for the Nokia N82, weighing in at 118MB.The N82 has UDP, but best to back up anyway, just in case.The Nokia N95, the Nokia N82 as well as the Nokia N95 8GB, all received a new firmware and have been updated to version 35.Unfortunately, we cannot report any changes at the moment but we try our best to get a changelog as soon as possible.I had a few issues, now resolved - the firmware is safe to upgrade to. In my case, after upgrading, I hit lots of hangs (all involving Nokia Maps), requiring battery-out-restarts, so I used *#7370# to wipe the internal disk back to 'factory' status and rebuilt everything, to no avail. Note that v30 firmware was already protected against SDK 'hack' tampering, so v31 here is for other reasons.Maps is still misbehaving, hanging after launching and answering the 'Go online' question. [Later] Turns out there's a wierd bug in Nokia Maps, whereby if you don't have a working SIM AND non-Wi-Fi data connection , you'll get the hang and problems I describe. If you can help add to a changelog, please comment! So i figured if i clean up my phone completely it will wordk. If i use *#7370# i still have the problem to and some appointments of Y-alarm won,t clean. If i try to open it It gifs the message that it can`t be opened and i should go to niokia maps to install the most recent version. It says nokia maps is allready preinstalled on the phone.

In this case, no previous personal data is removed from the device, only the updates are added.

The N82 is getting system stability improvements, the closing of some security holes, and better performance across the entire device.

Unlike the N78 update, the N82 update has been only confirmed for some models.

Many users have reported on issues with some third-party software, so it might be that this update is still in the process of having some issues ironed out.

How to Update Both the N78 and N82 can be updated by connecting the devices to a Windows XP or Vista PC, then running the Nokia Software Updater program.

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UDP means that the data stored on the internal memory of your phone should be preserved despite of the firmware update (previously the internal memory was wiped).