Updating android os on digma

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Updating android os on digma

UNBRICK ***************************************** (Asus Zenfone 2 ze551ml/ze550ml ONLY) __________________________________________________ __________________________________________ Cause ---------------- Custom or Wrongly flashed ROMS Most of the time unlock bootloader and ROOTing device leads to bricked mobile Symptoms of bicked Device ------------------------------ 1. 0483WIx B) some files are located at https://mega.nz/#F! * Click Options-- modify settings check Enable Override and change GP Flag overide value 0x800000807. * Change value of Device detection timeout to 120 * FW DNX should point to droidboot_Black Screen - You can sense vibrations only, from the device when you press power button but nothing on the screen(Unless screen hardware faulty) 2. POS_(browse and locate) * IFWI should point to (browse and locate) * OS Dn X dont make any change to this field * OS Image should point to droidboot_Vibrations - Device keeps on vibrating at same interval of time (usually every 5-10 mins loop) Tools required ------------------- - Xfstk windows application (google search "xfstk-downloader_v1.7.0") - Intel Soc windows driver (google search "i Soc USB-Driver_v1.2.0") - x FSTK_ZE551ML-sal358zip do (google serach "x FSTK_ZE551ML-sal358-amtech.vn" download the zip file which contains 3 bin files) - Asus user UL-Z00xx.you can download this zip file from asus website (https://com/in/Phone/Zen Fon... POS_(browse and locate) * Click Begin Download (Remember Once you see Scanning .......

- After flashing a wrong preloader, your phone will be completely dead (can't be powered on, it will not charge and won't be detected anymore by the computer) and there is no way to recover it.

I did everything but the last step, as when i tried to boot into the recovery to use twrp, the phone restarted, came to the white asus screen, stayed there for a very long time and then went back into the bootloader.

At this point I got frustrated and thought of reinstalling everything.

There are two types of USB driver for Mediatek devices.

- ADB USB driver for device working and switched on.

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This document ALSO provides knowledge about android system work flow The following Steps will help and resolve issues related with Zenfone 2 Series, Do remember that most of the steps which are provided here are not automated, So have patience. Unlock Bootloader ************************************ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________ If you are on Android L(5.x) Asus provide boot loader unlock tool you can download it from Doing so will make your device warranty void.

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