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So I downloaded the zip file for the latest firmware, flashed recover, boot and droid boot and then when I restarted the phone to go into the recovery, the white asus screen just keeps on repeating itself.The device keeps on shutting down and then restarting but never goes past the white asus logo screen where it says "powered by android", doesn't even let me get into fastboot.More of Business tactics How to Download the file from https://mega.nz/#F! Custom Recovery Installation ******************************* __________________________________________________ __________________________________________ There are majorly two custom recoveries used * CWM - clock work MOD * TWRP - Most flexible recovery mode ( more than just recovery) you can download cwm from link (search google) and TWRP from https://twrp.me/Devices/ once you downloaded the binary file from respected link provided boot the device into fastboot mode Follow Steps (only Asus Devices) -------------------- * Turn off the mobile, Press and hold the volume UP button, Then press and hold the power button until device vibrates release only power button, once you see the ASUS logo release the Volume button * fastboot devices - (in Computer prompt) wait till your device listed * fastboot flash recovery filename(or twrp.img) - it will take 20-50 Sec to complete * press vol or Vol- until you see recovery mode on the screen and press power button Once all the steps completed successfully you should be able to see the custom recovery screen __________________________________________________ __________________________________________ ************************************ 4.Root Device **************************************** __________________________________________________ __________________________________________ Everyone who started using android device they all come across the word "ROOT" soon or later.After that I stucked at boot logo Used xfstk then aft but stucked at boot used fastboot commands for flashing system all gonna smooth but stucked at boot... - How to use Flashtool - Report Flashtool errors and how to fix it.

Root is nothing but having administrator privilege to make system wide changes, changes applied using root will applied without any question. whatever happens to device(system) you are your own, "SU" is nothing but "super user" and root is a super user which is from UNIX and Linux.

Vibrations - Device keeps on vibrating at same interval of time (usually every 5-10 mins loop) Tools required ------------------- - Xfstk windows application (google search "xfstk-downloader_v1.7.0") - Intel Soc windows driver (google search "i Soc USB-Driver_v1.2.0") - x FSTK_ZE551ML-sal358zip do (google serach "x FSTK_ZE551ML-sal358-amtech.vn" download the zip file which contains 3 bin files) - Asus user UL-Z00xx.you can download this zip file from asus website (https://com/in/Phone/Zen Fon... POS_(browse and locate) * Click Begin Download (Remember Once you see Scanning .......

device detected:1 which will be changing 0 to 1, couple of times wait till you see download sucessful before that mobile screen goes on and off let it continue for couple of minutes usually (2-5 mins) later you see 4 color strip on mobile screen and it enter into fastboot mode if you see that, your device is unbricked. 0483WIx B Steps : * To identify the com port turn on your device and run command adb shell(from computer command prompt) * Run su * your device should be rooted so it will give su prompt(#) * Run setenforce 0 * Run setprop system.1 * Install Intel Android Drvsetup and intel mobil family imc1 driver which is included in Digma software ( This is the hard part to setup as windows driver installation restrictions and identifying com ports on usb interface make sure these software and driver installed properly) * after successful installation of driver and Phonetool run Phonetool * settings -- security click on show advanced options * Click unlock * Click on personalization programming tab * scroll down and click add button * add your mobile phone imei number (only first 14 digits) again add one time if you mobile is dual sim phone * Click Execute (will take upto 60 sec) * if above all steps completed without any error, just reboot your phone and check your imei number should show your real imei numbers Note some times you needs to flash imei number after setting setprop system.3 to flash 2 imei number just try until both imei show correctly on you mobile check your imei number by dialing *#*#4636#*#* __________________________________________________ __________________________________________ **************** 7.

Recover lost IMEI's and Device Serial number( Of course the valid one Which is mentioned for your device ) (Asus Zenfone 2 ze551ml/ze550ml ONLY) 7.

To protect the devices from unauthorized access to third party. Ux9Hl Cz A zip file which corresponds to your Device follow the instructions provided in the zip file The successful of that unlocking process conclude that your device bootloader is unlocked, but its not ROOTed __________________________________________________ __________________________________________ **************************** 3.

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- Preloader USB driver to flash the device that is switched off.