Top ten gay dating sites

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Top ten gay dating sites

But what if you want more than a quick, anonymous encounter? Get to know their name, how they drink their coffee, or which side of the bed they sleep on?Here’s seven options you could try: It’s great to hang out with your friends, but (as a general rule) your friends are not going to have sex with you.

Monty Moncrieff, chief executive of UK charity London Friend confirms that this is a strategy worth exploring: “Volunteering can be a great way of meeting new friends without the pressure or sexual subtext that can come through meeting people on the scene or online.With that knowledge I can talk to just about anybody.Lots of times the hotties don’t even realise that they’re a catch!” You don’t need corny chat-up lines, just be relaxed and be yourself.A great way to initiate a discussion is to ask a question — smile, laugh, be interested in what people are saying.

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Whatever age you are, meeting guys can be a bit of a challenge.