The ten commandments of dating

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The ten commandments of dating

You are the only you that you will ever have, and what happens to and in you will continue to shape your life forever. Keep the strangers and the friendlies out of your castle until the lifetime warranty and everything else that goes with it has been signed for.Respect your marriage before it happens, and love your husband before you meet him.There comes a time in our lives when who we are and what kind of relationship we're in is ours to choose. Yes, and for those of us who were abandoned, the truth is that only Dad and God can fill that hole.Even if you married one perfect Adam before the fall, he'd not be able to fill that hole meant for somebody else. It also means that drooling over Brad Pitt or fantasizing about that cute guy at work are both acts of unfaithfulness. Right, and focusing on the rest of the Mr.'s in a gaga sort of way only hurts you and yours.I've always had a very deep respect for the Ten Commandments. Second, because all this freedom we've experienced in the Western world is rooted in these lasting moral guidelines. He is not capable of being the center of anybody's world, including yours. Right to give you meaning and purpose, or if you are sitting there with a heart full of needs and thinking that a two-legged mammal with a deep voice is all you are lacking, memorize this first commandment.And third, because they summarize in a few digestible sentences who God is and how He operates, kind of like a very condensed version of God for Dummies. There is only one Savior, and maybe it's time to distinguish Him from the cute guy at Starbucks. First, get into a real live relationship with Jesus.Our heart says that he's not the one, but our desperate need to not be alone says that he is. I have two kinds of girlfriends who struggle with being honest in this way.The good news is that breaking it off will make room for God and give you another shot at being dependent on Him, as you're meant to be in the first place. Sometimes we are so eager to fall in love that we repress the truth about the other party involved. And what could be worse than betraying your own heart with your own lies? The first are my friends who were emotionally, spiritually, or physically abused as kids.

This is one of the easiest ways to avoid making a savior out of him. It's all about being honest with yourself and those you date instead of hiding behind excuses? So if you feel God leading you to date someone, hey, explore the hard evidence and your Bible. You don't ever want to say "God led me" based on a few fuzzy-wuzzy feelings. You are responsible for your choices, and feelings can deceive, romantic feelings especially. Don't use the God-excuse to substantiate your dating choices.4. The bottom line here is not whether or not men are capable of finding you-they are. "Honor your father and your mother."There are a million believable reasons for why you may want to skip this fifth commandment.Solomon may have said it best: People make better decisions when they get honest feedback from more than one source.Check out Proverbs ; ; ; and if you're still not sure. Unconditional love is essential for any relationship and easiest to practice when you're with someone who resembles what you naturally value. If you want a man who actually gets you and really jives with your passions and rituals, then you're going to need to live you and be you-the real you-as much as possible.With this in mind, I, single until the ripe old age of 36, could not help but apply these great commands to the often crazy and confusing world of dating. Talk to Him, listen to Him, and study His teachings.Once I did, I realized that there's no better material out there anywhere than what you find in Exodus 20. "You shall have no other gods before me."Applied to the world of the opposite sex, my single sisters, here's a paraphrase for you: Don't make Mr. In case you don't know, you're a worshipping creature. ll put something that looks like Him-men were created in His image, after all-on the throne.

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Carrying on with someone you have no intentions of marrying someday is stealing from him the two things he can never get back: his time and his emotional investment in you.