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(Note: These educational cards are available in both English and Spanish so make sure you select the right files!) Our teen dating violence infographic aligns with Jennifer Ann's Group's strategy for stopping teen dating violence.Due to its size we are sharing the infographic with you broken down by section into mini-infographics so that you can print just those sections that you need.

All of the resources on this page should be helpful for sharing with your local school board, state representative, or congressperson to help them understand the importance of supporting policies that will help protect adolescents from dating violence.Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence Phone: (225) 752-1296 note for those experiencing abuse: When accessing any website, remember that computer activity can be monitored.It might be safer to use a computer at a library, community center, or trusted friend’s house.If you want to download and print the full infographic click on the image below.You can then download the file for sharing or printing.

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  1. The idea of threatening young women to keep their hands off young men is ludicrous, yet when roles are reversed it’s completely accepted and even encouraged. In order to raise a generation of kind and respectful men we have to stop telling our boys they’re inherently bad (but it’s not their fault because .) In order to create a culture of strong and competent women who can save themselves, we must first stop teaching girls that they need to be saved.