Stepdating com

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Stepdating com

Unfortunately, just giving that name to a TV show doesn't mean the show also will be really cool.

Comedian Michael Somerville, a likable fellow, created and hosts "Wingman," in which he gives step-by-step dating advice for people who are attractive and engaging, but just aren't good at meeting people.

There are two social media savvy ways to enter to win: 1. Make sure to @coparentingshow, @weparent, or @coparenting101 (or all of them) 2. Be sure to tag We or Co Parenting101(to tag us on a post, type @We Parent, e.g..

And, he’ll guide us through the considerations we need to make and the steps we need to take to create the peace of mind that our children and families will be taken care of whether we’re here to do it or not. Make sure to @coparentingshow, @coparenting101, or @weparent. If you are our Friend on FB, we’ll appear in a drop-down list that will be auto-generated when you begin typing). Leave a comment here letting us know that you’ve done it.

We’ll discuss the impact of father absenteeism on children, families and communities, and explore strategies for addressing this issue at the community level and one family at a time.

Join in the discussion this Sunday, March 6, at pm by calling into (646)378-0580 or following the live stream and chat room conversation on Blog Talk Radio.

Our position is that unfounded accusations of parental alienation do not negate the existence of parental alienation.

Therefore, we will not be debating the existence of parental alienation; no calls or comments in that spirit will be acknowledged. Among them: she’s a stepmom; founder and co-director of The Step and Blended Family Institute; founder of the Stepdating* Teleconference series; a Certified Stepfamily Coach and Counselor with The Stepfamily Foundation; a Featured Coach with; and a Licensed Relationship Coach with the Relationship Coaching Institute.

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