Songs about friends dating your crush

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Don't shy away from snapping him pictures or "accidentally" tagging him in a photo of you with other guys (even if they're friends). Smile at the waiter and make the most of a little bit of small talk. It'll definitely rile him up.), he should fight for your attention and go out of his way to be number one on your list.

I'm not saying you should go around rubbing against the crotch of every guy you see...

And usually, they're the one to initiate the conversation. Group hang-outs mean they have to compete with other friends for your attention — if they want to spend the day with just you and only you, it means they want to soak up your awesomeness all by themselves.7. Sure, they might just be a touchy-feely kind of person... or they might have a really good reason for wanting to be close to you.9. Or they don't even bother asking — they just assume you're a couple. One time, they jokingly brought up that you two should go to prom someday. Playing hard to get is key, but at some point, go in for the kill and make him yours.Instead of rejecting his advances, reveal that you've had eyes on him all along.

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but play it up like you're a regular when it comes to playing the field. It's OK to be busy and a little bit vague when it comes to hangouts and conversations. It's important to keep him yearning for more information.

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