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No customer should be without a phone for over 4 days and require 10 hours on the phone and in person to set up 2 new lines !!!! I can always get a scripted line saying that where I live is the reason that my services isn’t that great.

I can call them and be in different areas of town or a different city and that is the of service that I receive.

on the 29th dec 17 i spoke to Joe from customer care i explain to him that i had purchase 2 iphone on the promotion you buy one and get the other free.

explain that i have not open the phone the iphone 7 and i would like to exchange it and pay the difference.

He said i have 14 days to return and that i would need to go to the store to exchange the phone to iphone 7 plus.

so when i got home i showed my husband what i got .

T-Mobile began in 1994 as Voice Stream Wireless PCS, a subsidiary of Western Wireless.

In 1999, Western spun off Voice Stream as an independent company.

i just want to make sure all this gets taken care of. please ensure that this matter will be taken care off.

again i just want to let T Mobile corporate for hiring such great customer service representative 078 and Daniel great asset to the company. aloha belle ryan Reply New service on 11/11/17 Bought IPHONE and drive device Drive device malfunctioned and had to return; there was NO receipt in the system Bought IPHONE at same time. Told glitch in the system Returned IPHONE to alleviate more issues with payment plan Have had problems since inception Multiple Devices turned OFF turns on an automatic block on DEVICE BLOCK Had Mom on second line, could not receive texts Could not receive texts from IPHONE users if IMESSAGE turned on Deregistered device twice Was using an IPHONE and switched to Android – more problems Had to cancel Mom’s line because of error messages from TMobile Bought Samsung and returned.

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Representatives blame the problems on “upgrades”, but insist the problems are minimal.

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