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Daniel the store manager helped me out and he said he wasn’t able to exchange it because when the waianae store signed me up i would had to upgrade my plan and add another line. so if anything that is the mistake made by T-mobile .i explain to him that the person that helped me did not say anything that i needed to sign up for the unlimited plan. he also checked to see if she did upload the information for me to get the rebate which it was uploaded. i said what it better not because i didn’t make this mistake that i want the rebate as well as exchange the iphone 7 to and iphone 7pluse with the rose gold.

he suggested for me to call T-Mobile customer care to see if they are able to ship me the iphone 7plus.Reply aloha, i am writing concerning an issue with the BOGO sale on the Iphone. i went into the Waianae Store to find out what i needed to do to purchase the iphone and the second one free. she had great customer service very nice and was very patience concerning what i wanted to do to get a new phone for my granddaughter for Christmas. however, they only had one 7plus available so she said they had the iphone 8 and the 7 which my intention was to get the 7pluse anyway i said i guess i take the 7.she also signed me up to get the rebate to be send to me in order for me to pay one of the phone off.T-Mobile you will not last with piss poor services and I am tired of call your technical people that do not help.They will remove all of your data and I have minimal use; but, they will use your data for advertisement.

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