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Sex chat bot chat video

This week the media reported that new guidelines were released for the ethical development of AI robots.

I’ve yet to leaf through the 266 pages, but critically these guidelines refer to of outwardly innocuous technology.

In other words, is this really a sex aid for men whom women dislike?

The least appealing thing about dating apps is that they inevitably connect you with unenlightened men – the sort that lead with ‘You’re so much hotter than all the other girls around here’, mansplain with gusto, and exit on a note of entitlement that will probably leave you feeling disturbed.

The Campaign Against Sex Robots would argue that the ensuing attitudinal knock-on effects are very real indeed.

Especially the implications for real life sex workers, to whom sex robot users may “graduate”, rather than replace.

If we learn through practice that sexual partners are “things” that exist for our satisfaction (however unpleasant the act of satisfying is…), there is no reason why that general mindset wouldn’t be transferred to human partners.

The simulates @Tinder Nightmares-worthy conversations with chilling accuracy, which is basically as bleak as it sounds (try it for yourself) but also deserves a little cheer. Because sleazebot serves to highlight how common it is for women to experience subtle mysogyny online, and might just make some perpetrators check their behaviour. Graduates from a New York City university, 29-year-old Joanna Chin and 32-year-old Bryan Collinsworth, are the brains behind D. As Chin explained on her website; ‘The bot draws from a database of responses derived from women’s actual interactions in online and offline dating…

The fact her program is sexual is not, on its own, hugely problematic.

She only really becomes troubling when you consider three factors combined: her (convincing) submissive and sexual AI “mind”, her (convincing) anatomically correct, single-purpose robotic body, and — perhaps most relevantly — the attitude of her “users”, who actively and deliberately seek to conceive of her as a real human.

But it's already possible to get a little taste of what this technology can do.

The WSJ is one of a handful of media organisations already using the bots.

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The long-awaited 'Bot Platform' was unveiled by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the first day of the F8 developer conference, and the company hopes it's going to change the way we all use the web.