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Sara ramirez dating anyone

On Thursday, just as the news broke of her departure, Jessica Capshaw tweeted the following to her followers: She’s been replying and retweeting fan responses to her character ever since, lying low on providing any context or answers to the surprising news.

It seems like every couple of months brings with it an announcement of new exits of characters, which is to be expected with a show that has to work to keep these fresh after 14 seasons.

In a year that has seen the exit of more than one fan favorite lesbian character (anyone?

), you can hardly blame viewers for being passionate about getting the opportunity to see themselves as a regular presence on their television screens.

Annalise Keating’s bisexuality has barely seen the light of day since Famke Janssen’s brief stint as her on again off again lover, Eve.

Shonda Rhimes herself tweeted an acknowledgment of the need for LGBT representation, which is great and all, bit she’s also neglected to keep the head of her other TGIT show’s sexuality at the forefront of her character’s identity.But needless to say, this one came as a genuine shock, especially considering Arizona’s character has been a benchmark for lesbian representation on mainstream TV.When Arizona stepped in as the perky head of peds in the fifth season of Grey’s, she truly came in like a fresh breath of lesbian air.So by sharing her many layers, Sara hoped that it would empower youth to own their identities and not be ashamed of who they are.But before she shared the news with the world, she wanted to let friends know of her plan beforehand so during a movie night at her house, she 'shared her truth' and was welcomed with support and happiness.

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She describes the feeling as not knowing you were traveling in a foreign land until you see someone and instantly you know that they are your home.

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