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In a year that has seen the exit of more than one fan favorite lesbian character (anyone?

), you can hardly blame viewers for being passionate about getting the opportunity to see themselves as a regular presence on their television screens.

After Ellen took the weekend to track down fact versus fiction, so here’s what we know and what it means for the future of the show, Shondaland, and representation on television.

But needless to say, this one came as a genuine shock, especially considering Arizona’s character has been a benchmark for lesbian representation on mainstream TV.

When Arizona stepped in as the perky head of peds in the fifth season of Grey’s, she truly came in like a fresh breath of lesbian air.

Vernoff tweeted the following: Although I agree that the pushback over Pompeo’s raise and the patriarchal strategy of pitting woman against woman stinks a whole hell of a lot, I don’t like the citation of the decision being a “creative one” any better.

A decision to remove lesbian representation from a television show is anything BUT creative.

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We’ve yet to be provided with any insight as to the manner of Capshaw’s exit from the show and how the storyline will wrap up.

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