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Redneck dating ideas

But the “must-try” for all rednecks visiting Nashville is American Born Moonshine; a Nashville company bearing a 200-year-old recipe, an authentic American history and the first ever sweet tea-flavored moonshine. Montgomery, AL We all know rednecks like to keep their guns nearby and the carrying of a firearm is generally permitted in Alabama, making it easy to cart around that .22 even while on vacation.

But one thing that’s even better than lax gun laws is the Montgomery Indoor Shooting Complex, where you can shoot a myriad of handguns and rifles in a clean, friendly environment without having to obtain a pistol permit or gun permit.

At least, you can be sure that this date won’t be boring or ordinary for your partner.But to many southerners, being a redneck is more of a lifestyle than anything.Those who consider themselves redneck are typically proud of it.They consider themselves blue collar, hardworking folks who enjoy the simpler things in life, which is in fact where the word came from.The word redneck was first used in the mid-1900s to describe farmers who would work all day long with the sun beating down on the back of their necks. redneck destinations based on characteristics like nearby fishing lakes, possums per capita, RV parks, lax gun laws, moonshine distilleries and lots of mud. Dublin, GA This one made our list mainly because of the River Bend Wildlife Management Area; a redneck oasis overflowing with hunting, fishing, archery and primitive camping opportunities.

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