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Recipient policy not updating email addresses

I received a request to create a new company account for that user.

I went into the contact information in Exchange 2010 and tried to remove the secondary domain email address so I can now use that for the AD account.

My question is: 1-How do we mass delete those internal email addresses for these mail contacts, taking care not to affect our internal users?

2-How do we stop Exchange (more precisely i guess, the recipient policy) from creating those internal addresses for new mail contacts?

If you need to diable the “automatcially update e-mail addresses based on email address policy” option using powershell 1- For 1 user: Set-mailbox “Mailbox Address” -Email Address Policy Enabled $false 2- For the whole mailboxes: Get-mailbox | Set-mailbox $_.

Identity -Email Address Policy Enabled $false 3- For some users within same OU: Get-mailbox -Organizational Unit “OU name”| set-mailbox Email Address Policy Enabled $false 4- For some users with the same domain name: Get-mailbox -filter | Set-mailbox $_.

Under the Email Addresses tab for each Mail Contact, their correct SMTP address ([email protected] example) is assigned as Primary.

I don't want to remove the contact just yet as I want to make sure they are ok with us removing it completely.This environment has been upgraded from Exchange 2007 to a new Exchange 2010 server.There are several thousand email contacts that reside under the Federation_Contacts OU.So in our E2010 org, we have three different accepted domains (to go along with our three logical "companies"), and every user has an account in each of them.Everyone has the same default, so for, say, Charlie, it looks like this:[email protected]@The powers that be have decreed that the employees of each sub-company will have that domain as their default address, and some users will get a fourth new address, at

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When you install Exchange 2016, a default email address policy is created by default. As you can see above there is default policy created and the status is applied. So make sure you’ve configured accepted domain before configuring email address policy. The email address policy has now been created but not applied. Once it is applied, you can go to recipients features pane and select mailboxes tab.

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