Quicken not updating deposits

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Quicken not updating deposits

OL-226 is a general connectivity error with the server that can occur for a number of reasons.For example, our online services are unavailable due to server maintenance, high server traffic, or an unexpected outage.This dialog box tells you, in effect, that you can force the two amounts to agree by clicking the Adjust button.Forcing the two amounts to agree isn’t a very good idea.

The transactions that you marked as cleared still show c in the Clr field, and you still have an unexplainable difference between the bank statement and your register.If you click Done, Quicken displays a message box that provides some cursory explanations as to why your account doesn’t balance.Then, if you indicate that you want to soldier on anyway, Quicken displays the Adjust Balance dialog box.(Refer to your bank statement for this information.) To do so, follow these steps: After you mark all the cleared checks and deposits, the difference between the cleared balance for the account and the bank statement’s ending balance should equal zero.The figure shows a Reconcile: Checking window in which everything is hunky-dory, and life is grand. Just click the Done button to tell Quicken that you’re done.

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All printing does is prove that you reconciled the account.

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