Psychology 101 dating older people

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Psychology 101 dating older people

The study of psychology encompasses the study of how people think and how they can be motivated or deterred.

However, a study by psychologist Howard Leventhal showed that people will ignore urgent messages if they are not given information as to how to follow-up.

You too can use classical conditioning on consumers by always playing the same song when your commercial plays, having a strong logo stamped on everything related to your product, or using an iconic image to sell your product.

Any time a consumer hears the song or sees the logo or image they will think about your product. Cialdini, the same psychologist of influence above, did research proving that adding a minimum donation amount increased donations for the American Cancer Society by 78%.

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Influence and persuasion can be tricky which is why it is useful to understand the psychological principles behind influencing people.

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