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Experience ultimate confidence with women, overcome the fear of rejection, and become infinitely more attractive as a man.

‘Get the Girl’ is a deconstruction of what makes an attractive person, and a roadmap for becoming that yourself.

This is what all her confidence training has been building up for.

The chance for them to reveal to their crush that they have feelings for them.

An immersive experience, tailored to dramatically increasing your success in life whilst restoring true balance in every aspect.

To get the most out of life, you have to get the most out of your relationships.

Based on comments from Thom Yorke, most of the album signifies a nightmare, and "A Wolf at the Door" is the horror of waking up only to find that while you slept, the world has become just as bad as the nightmare. He doesn't just work with women, but also gives make-overs to men who might want a gothic or punk look - or simply to make their skin look clearer.

Either way, you’re feeding your […] The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and it’s almost time to swap out our cozy sweaters and boots for t-shirts and slides. Getting to spend every day with our […] Spring has officially sprung!

The last episode of Corpse Princess ends with a Smash to Black right dtaing the middle of the final fight between Makina and Hokuto.

Angel ended in the middle of a battle, a deliberate choice by the creators to show janf the fighting would never end.

In this TV series, Louise Roe a British fashion expert takes under her wing ordinary woman in each episode.

She puts them through many confidence building exercises, helping them face fears and transform their personalities to how they feel they should be.

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