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Perl updating variables in forks

Note that using within a pseudo-process actually spawns the requested executable in a separate process and waits for it to complete before exiting with the same exit status as that process.This means that the process ID reported within the running executable will be different from what the earlier Perl always exits just the executing pseudo-process, after automatically wait()-ing for any outstanding child pseudo-processes.To the Perl program that called fork(), all this is designed to be transparent.The parent returns from the This special variable is correctly set to the pseudo-process ID.If the parent process is killed (either using Perl's builtin, or using some external means) all the pseudo-processes are killed as well, and the whole process exits.

This stems from the fact that the emulation only has knowledge about the Perl interpreter's own data structures and knows nothing about the containing application's state.So after the fork call does child process get a separate copy of the global variable on its own thread stack or shares the existing parent instance of global i guess there are three possibilities here 1) child process gets separate instance of global variable declared in parent process 2) child process shares the global variable with parent thread.can be used to terminate a pseudo-process by passing it the ID returned by fork().This should not be used except under dire circumstances, because the operating system may not guarantee integrity of the process resources when a running thread is terminated.

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Note that this means that the process as a whole will not exit unless all running pseudo-processes have exited. This means that any process-level limits imposed by the operating system apply to all pseudo-processes taken together.

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