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Contact was reported as “none/not sure,” “yes, once,” and “yes, more than once.” Self reported consideration of sexual behaviour and self reported changes to sexual behaviour as a result of peer education contact are reported.

Main outcome measures: Self reported contact with the peer education intervention, reported behaviour change, and reported sexual health service use.The sexual behaviour measure was unprotected anal intercourse (UAI) with casual partners (to examine differences in sexual risk behaviour).The Pearson χ test was used for bivariate analyses and statistically significant differences are identified throughout.Higher levels of sexual health service use and uptake of specific services among men who had contact with the intervention are suggestive of an intervention effect.Peer education, as a form of health outreach, appears to be an effective intervention tool in terms of the uptake of sexual health services, but is less effective in achieving actual sexual behaviour change among homosexual men.

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Community level interventions do not require all individuals to have direct contact with the intervention, if they are based, as here, on the “diffusion of innovation” model.