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Peer education dose effects were suggested, with the likelihood of HIV testing, hepatitis B vaccination, and use of sexual health services being greater among men who reported talking to peer educators more than once.

Conclusion: The intervention had a direct impact on Glasgow's homosexual men and reached men of all ages and social classes.

Higher levels of sexual health service use and uptake of specific services among men who had contact with the intervention are suggestive of an intervention effect.

Peer education, as a form of health outreach, appears to be an effective intervention tool in terms of the uptake of sexual health services, but is less effective in achieving actual sexual behaviour change among homosexual men.

A contact involved a conversation between a peer educator and a customer in the bar, where issues raised by both would be discussed and further leaflets distributed if required.

The resultant discussions covered a wide range of health related topics, such as hepatitis B vaccination and HIV testing, and while these did mainly reflect the content of the leaflets, other issues related to sexually transmitted infections and condoms and lubricants were also raised.

A rising scale of contact is implied by the contact indicators.The peer educators wore distinctive uniforms (T-shirts, jackets, and bags) and, on entering the bars, would distribute GMTF leaflets on sexual health and behavioural issues and then approach men to discuss both these and wider issues along with advocating sexual health service uptake.During the 9 month intervention (October 1997 to June 1998) the peer educators reported 1484 contacts with men in all five of Glasgow's gay bars.Logistic regressions demonstrated higher levels of HIV testing, hepatitis B vaccination, and use of sexual health services among men who reported contact with the intervention.These men were more likely to have used the homosexual specific sexual health service.

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Trained sessional research staff returned to the bars in January 1999 (7 months after the intervention) and asked men to self complete a short questionnaire.