Osunlade the dating game

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Osunlade the dating game

O S U N L A D E (Yoruba Records) M A R Q U E S • W Y A T T (DEEP, LA) B I G • C E E (DEEP, LA) // OSUNLADE // Osunlade is an artist who personifies art.

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The record was determined to be a cross-section through his musical identity, which formed over more than ten years of listening and making music.

It is full of surprises and will definitely appeal to those who like more than one musical style.

Peter Edison, Dirty Channels, DJ DRM (Bastard Jazz / BSTRD Boots), Mike O' Mara, Francesco Chiocci, Andre Lodemann, Mathew Bandy (Souldier), Roberto Rodriguez, DJ Sneak, Nick Curly, Juno Recommends Deep House, D-Former, Javi Lopez, Timo Camillo (26 Tea Drops Int), Kruse & Nuernberg, Fredeverything, Sccucci Manucci, Djs: Most Charted - Deep House, Muzikman Edition, Freddy The Groove aka F★T★G, Soul Camp, Alexander Maier, Francesco Chiocci, Jem Haynes, Yass, THINGS HAPPEN, Ali Tillett (Warm Agency) House music's premier spiritualist pops up on Innervisions, as label stalwarts Ame and Dixon have a crack at reworking "Envision" from his recent Yoruba LP Pyrography.

The Ame Remix in particular is a bit of a doozy, turning the shuffling original into a quietly anthemic epic - all darting synth melodies, warm chords, sparse percussion and delicious riffs wrapped around Osunlade's original vocal.

With "Jailhouse Rocker" by Frank Lorber, Sven Vaeth's label Cocoon Recordings puts the second artist album on the market and thus carries on following its path: releasing high-class Electronic Music of most interesting and promising artists on a global platform.

The Greek word "techne" simply means "a way to know things".

Its' eight tracks are all crackers, with "Change" - in which he does a passable impression of Prince, both vocally and musically - standing out from the crowd.

Title: DEEP LA Presents Yoruba Gets DEEP with Osunlade (New Date!

)Location: King King: 6555 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028Link out: Click here Description: We are happy to announce that Yoruba Records founder Osunlade will be returning to DEEP LA on Saturday, October 20th!

Yet however electronic and European the grooves, there's still in innate soulfulness to the American producer's selections.

As a result, highlights are plentiful, from the intricate, delicate piano motifs of Roman Flugel's "Song With Blue" and the enveloping warmth of Andrew Soul's "Disconnected Thoughts", to the weary, early morning glitchiness to the mix-closing "Late Night Thinking" by Estrroe.

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In ' Jailhouse Rocker', Frank Lorber tried to include the numerous musical experiences he had as a DJ and listener to music over the last ten years.

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