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Here are my four steps to break though the fear and self doubt you may be feeling about dating again at this time in your life. Take a No-Excuses Approach Although some call them reasons, you could be stopping yourself from finding Mr. You may want to date but in reality, it feels safer to stay single so you use these excuses as your trap door; your escape route.

What matters most is that you have found love and true happiness with someone you can call your best friend. Be patient, say yes to more dates and maintain a positive attitude.

these are the surest ways of making your dreams of finding a good man come true.

Lisa Copeland is known as the expert on over 50's dating.

Ask yourself how badly you want a companion in your life. The best way for you to get over your dating fears is to walk directly into them. And if you allow yourself to feel the fears versus resisting the fear, what you might get is a great guy in your life. It can be scary but usually you only feel uncomfortable for a short period of time. I know uncomfortable equals growth and growth equals achieving my dreams of finding the man I want to share my life with. Take Dating Action It would be nice if you could just make a wish and Mr. Staying at home with your cat or your favorite TV show or all of the work you need to catch up on isn't going to get you to the man you want.

Getting online, smiling and flirting with men in the real world, asking your friends and family to keep their eyes open for a good guy ...

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You’re hesitant to make an online profile because you don’t want to admit to the rest of the world you met your significant other online.

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