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The massive artwork would be the main attraction at the annual ­“Catharsis on the Mall” in November — a festival in the nation’s capital dubbed a “Burning Man” for Washington.

Burning Man, an annual desert festival outside Reno, Nev., is known for building a hippie-like community that promotes art, self-expression, inclusiveness and civic engagement.

Cochrane has created two other towering statues depicting Solis that have debuted at Burning Man.

“We need to show women just being in their bodies, just being humans, as an antidote of the constant sexualization of the women’s body, the constant dehumanization,” Cochrane said.

It has been used as a rallying cry for the gun violence prevention movement and was a cornerstone of the L. Women’s March, and the People’s State of the Union in New York City, and was used to raise awareness on immigration rights.

Striking a note between bold and bland, blush-tone gowns gave that sense of barely-there coverage mixed with innocence.

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Cochrane designed the statue for Burning Man in 2015 and is now storing it in his studio space outside San Francisco.Cochrane’s partner and professional collaborator, Julia Whitelaw, said the statue isn’t sexually provocative, although she understands some on the Mall might view it that way.She said she hopes people challenge themselves to look past the statue’s physical body and “see her humanity first.” “We are asking the question: What would the world be like if women were safe? “We are asking people to imagine that.” While a large statue of a nude woman has never been permitted for a long-term stay on the Mall, the Park Service has approved long-term political art installments and vigils.I hope this post helped give you some ideas, suggestions and product recommendations for you (or your mom)!Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I think a few of the products I used here would be gorgeous gifts (hint: the eyeshadow palette, lip combo or foundation).

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A 45-foot-tall statue of a nude woman, weighing in at 16,000 pounds, will greet visitors on the Mall for four months if activists have their way.