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They say more than 100 photos were eventually leaked, but now have been taken down.

Potential victims have also been notified about this on-going investigation.

And we call that sexually abusive material and it's illegal to do," Kaiser said.

Kaiser said many of the pictures had the names of the girls associated with them.

His charge will be amended to one count of using a computer to commit a misdemeanor, which is a one year sentence.

At least 35 victims in the pictures have been identified and interviewed, but Michigan State Police Lt.

Police have been able to identify 35 students with assistance from Davison Community Schools which has notified the parents of the students involved in the incident.

A tip led police to the files and the computer crimes lab was able to trace it back to Ebmeyer."What makes this a crime is these sexually explicit photos are photographs - partially nude, some all nude - of students under the age of 18.

Kaiser cautioned children to think twice about the information and images they choose to share with others.

A presentation may be set up at the high school with the MSP Computer Crimes Unit and community service troopers to provide information to students and their families "to prevent a future incident like this," Kaiser said.

One parent of a student who was not involved said this is a concerning development."I saw Davison Township and then the picture of the school and thought oh my gosh," said Linda Schroer, parent.

"It's scary because I don't think these girls or guys know what they're doing or realize the ramifications that it can involve later on if it gets out in the public and stuff."Police said the site where the photos were posted has been taken down.

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Distributing sexually explicit material of underage victims and using a computer to commit a crime are both felonies."The pictures, these young ladies or men or whoever put themselves out there, put themselves out there to be exploited," said Arika Thrall, Davison parent.