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Non intimidating definition

The older traditions of America seemed threatened in many ways.

New, big American cities seemed to be teeming with immigrants and perceived foreign and dangerous ideas.

In turn, many reacted to this change in a wave of American nationalism that combined nativism, Anglo-Saxon racism and militant Protestantism.

The fact that many of the post-war radicals, who were striking and even sending bombs in the mail to prominent Americans, were from lands outside the U.

It restricted new arrivals each year to three percent of the foreign born of any nationality as shown in the census carried out decades earlier.

The Klan advertised itself, encouraging Americans who wanted to hold on to traditional values to join the group.

The Klan became a traditional nativist crusade, assailing Jews, as well as blacks, but during the decade most of the Klan's venom was saved for Catholics.

Free 5-day trial The decade of the 1920s saw older, traditional values of American society challenged by the rapidly changing Modern Age.

Elements of the nation reacted to such change with fear.

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The Klan quickly spread across the Midwest and Northwest.

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