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Here, the same subliminal persuasion techniques have been used to direct you to one of the many benefits of the Bill.Which means your opinion of it will be much more positive.It's more a collection of tools than any overarching theory.Since this is a first draft of an article, it's copyright 1995 by Stever Robbins.Use complete sentences, proper grammar, appropriate punctuation, and proper capitalization. Your writing is a public presentation of you, and electronic media is every bit as permanent as printed media.In person, you can use voice tone and inflection to convey meaning. Many people think they're "posting" to a newsgroup. In fact, on-line writing may be even more widely read.Okay…maybe that’s a little dramatic, so let me give you an example of this conversational hypnosis…

People write e-mail and forum messages as if they were talking. Messages arrive distorted, out of order, edited, and most importantly: in text. And even NLP language patterns require attention to the accompanying nonverbal behavior to direct their meaning. Instead, they converse the way they would in a face-to-face conversation.Message arrive at different sites in a different order.Newsgroup readers may skip to other articles for reference.I'm willing to bet that it has never elicited the response the writer intended.Good hypnotic language elicits and leads people through mental states. It sequences their attention gradually, farther and farther from where they started.

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They will follow a written induction, right up until it starts to work.

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