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"If someone wants to point a zoom lens at me and look up my ZIP code, well, I have decided to be naked on a piece of federal property, so that’s that.

You have no expectation of privacy." While commercial porn websites showcase only young, fit beachgoers, nudists with less-than-perfect physiques face a different threat: finding themselves mocked online.

It’s easier than ever to take a surreptitious photograph of the nude sunbather three towels away.

Once an image is captured, it might be privately enjoyed later, or even uploaded to a commercial website specializing in such shots.

MIDDLETOWN — The regulars at Gunnison Beach claim to know the telltale signs of a photographer in their midst: It’s usually a man who arrives with no book, no cooler, and most tellingly, no sunscreen.

Clearly he intends to stay just long enough to snap some nude photos at New Jersey’s only "clothing-optional" public beach.

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Totally Free Cam is the best place to watch MATURE webcams from Chaturbate.When the National Park Service took control of this barrier peninsula after the Army deactivated Fort Hancock in 1974, the beach tradition of skinny-dipping — begun by the all-male soldiers stationed there — was permitted to continue.In Gunnison’s early days as a public beach, a photographer who ignored polite requests to stop could find his camera grabbed and his film canister unspooled and exposed to the sun.Distasio tells of three large ladies who frequent Gunnison whose group photo was posted online with the caption "Manatees." Gunnison regulars, who are fiercely protective of their little bit of heaven, use everything from public shame to technology to fight back.They want to keep attendance robust at a beach they boast is the cleanest, the quietest and the friendliest in the park.

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