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Wiosa Sun Apr 8 2018 pm ESTBring me a coach that will play tough in front of the net. Bring me a coach that puts their play in their own end first.

Bring me a coach that can hold the average shots on goal to 30 or less.

And Campbell was clueless so maybe he wasn't wrong buf I don't see Gorton feeling he has the job security to entertain it, but that might not be entirely up to him either, so it wouldn't shock me. BTW, meant to post on here for you, 2 weeks ago the ball hockey boys went to a Buffalo/Chicago game (it was so bad half of us watched the 3rd period in the lounge) and made it an overnight thing.

On the way home we had breakfast at Marcel Dionne's diner and he was there - he clears dishes and loves interacting with patrons.

Has nice hands and is a shiftless skater eventhrough he looks like he’s always on the edge of losing control. _Arc Sun Apr 8 2018 pm ESTHipcheck I agree with that feeling.

Then he went to Vancouver and really pulled a lot of crap that truly soured me on the man.

Coming back to NY, he felt the job of Head Coach was his - he left the organization because he didn't get it. Yes we would not have won the cut without him, and I'm eternally grateful or that, but in the words of Neil Smith "how long are we supposed to pay for that cup? He would be a no nonsense coach, but I also believe he would not bring out the best in a finesse player - it's slamming to the wall or your out.

Why would he think - with absolutely no coaching experience under his belt that he should be handed the Coaching job for the NY Rangers. He had a reputation of making life difficult for players who did not play as physical as he did - with one exception #99.

On the flip side you reminded how disruptive he can be, which is akin to a category 5 hurricane.

He wouldn't just angle for more ice, he physically would not come off until he wanted, he's just ignore Campbell yelling from the bench.

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