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Mtv dating show girl shits

Like when you have a coffee and a fag and it literally feels like your tummy is going to drop out your arsehole.Midway through the bathroom door she loses control and there's poo everywhere.The poop incident wasn't enough to turn Smith away from the date.He said he has since gone on a second date with the woman and has described her as "a lovely girl." Man sues Tinder date for 0G after she made life ‘a nightmare' If they end up getting married down the road, they'll have one entertaining story to tell about how they met.They are dealing with this in their own way, they just wanted to warn others! — Dont Swim In The Sea (@Rosaleen Says) December 15, 2017 I also emailed Twitter user Kelso Corp, real name Steven Kelso, who sent me a rather intense email clarifying his version of the story: "From memory, the game of telephone went: Victim, victim's roommate, roommate's friend, my cousin (roommate of that friend), then cousin tells my Mom, who then told me." He then described how much he enjoyed the story: "The reason it was shared (besides being a traumatic/hilarious tale) was it inspired my cousin to stop considering Tinder a viable dating option.The story was regaled to me over dinner and drinks with my parents.Most people I spoke to could not name anything about the laxative man.

Unfortunately, it is not Nutella, he had spiked her food with laxatives.The Glamour experience feature claims it happened in Clapham, and when I heard about it three years ago, I was told it was in Leeds.So this guy moves around a lot, maybe he is on a gap yah or he's a Hollywood actor with a private jet?This story sounds unlikely but it wouldn't be the first time shit and Tinder have made the news.A few months ago a girl got stuck trying to lob her shit out the window so her date wouldn't see that she'd blocked the toilet.

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Liam Smith had a Tinder date he'll never forget after a woman threw her poop out of his window because she claimed the toilet wouldn't flush.

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