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NET Framework on non-Windows operating systems such as the Macintosh fails to preserve the directory structure.For example, on the Macintosh, it creates a set of files whose filename concatenates the directory path, along with any backslash ("") characters, and the filename.

NET database provider, these differences will require the 'override' keyword to be applied to the Precision and Scale properties.In this example, we are using the Oracle10g database to match the email Id and password with the database.The table name is user432 which have many fields like name, email, pass etc.As a result, the directory structure of decompressed files is not preserved. ZIP files that are decompressed on the Windows operating system by APIs in the . IO namespace should be minimal, since these APIs can seamlessly handle either a slash ("/") or a backslash ("") as the path separator character.If this change is undesirable, you can opt out of it by adding a configuration setting to the In addition, apps that target previous versions of the . NET Framework 4.6.1 and later versions can opt in to this behavior by adding a configuration setting to the Starting with apps that target the . NET 4.5, these were moved to a different assembly, so there are issues determining which annotations to use.

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The recommended mitigation is to upgrade the sever-side app to Tls1.0, Tls1.1, or Tls1.2.