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That last set of Metart called "Acoyni", is a complement of another set released at Eternaldesire under the name of "Calle".

A beautiful set without a doubt; hey Arkisi, I think you should do the same with the other Sofia's sets that you published at Eternaldesire, they are all magnificent and those pics should be known by everyone.

I now apologize to other people here on INDEXX, for spamming my preferences! It`s just that I`m totally into this art/softcore/posing so sets - because I just don`t have a life, hahaha! For example, a real nurse doesn`t wear bright red platform shoes and white wedding stockings. You need to be blind to think Playboyplus stuff is good. No need to see them pimped and burned out by the porn industry. :-)I am regular contact with her she has been in Paris just before Amsterdam for just a photshoot but people are just so narrow minded to giving their opinions about their visit to big city. After talk with her I know she is a respectful woman. I did not say she is going to do a boob job, I said she should'nt follow others and avoid what they did!

:-D And if you want to be heard: You gotta SHOUT IT OUT, LOUD!!! A real air stewardess uniform doesn`t have a belt-short skirt and a bare bellybutton. Just watch at those over retouched/manipulated pics, they don't look like pics anymore, they seem more like paintings, that is ridiculous. If she's smart, Gloria won't go that route. Gloria is the new number 1 for me, unspoiled by tats or plastic, a stunning natural figure beauty, she looks so beautiful from the playboy shoot. My two favorite sets from Gloria Sol are Haloon and Harecu. Yes I did compare, so what it is making a note of the mistakes those models did so Gloria may not.

Please Gloria don't head the way of Michaela I and now Sapphira! These girls either are doing it for money (most of them come from the poorest european countries) or just for fun. don't respect fanboy...request to all of you take its for emotionally attached to these girls Totally agree with you.

I don't have a problem with her being fondle by a guy, it's her body(terrific body btw), her desicion; that does't mean I'd like her to be fucked on camera, that would be too much.

I have sent messages to Gloria on Instagram, and she replied, but she can't help. It's like using spices in a dish, or reverb on a music track, or color correction on a photo -- if it registers consciously, then you've used too much.

Until one of our members had reminded us of her few weeks ago. Their answer was that they were going to book her soon. Hopefully there are more sets from W4B in the future It's pretty obvious that this is not a fresh set, and it was shot at the same time than some Met Art sets (with Leonardo/Peter Olssen).But don't worry about it Gloria, I still love you ;););)Yes, Yorkhesan is right.I also prefer Gloria Sol like stage name.regarding Basy's post I would like to add the great work who make hairstylists and those who choose female items like lingerie, Shoes etc etc.Her favorite food is dumplings and she knows how to cook. Apart from istrpper her clips are still few but she always looks stunning, playboy clips are good, look at Sybil, Sapphira, so you don't like, I do so, like to see more clips from W4b her great photo shoots, so man no need to come on heavy crap! She has plenty of great videos, for instance: Fácil and Pool @eternaldesire, those vids exhibit her in a magnificent way.

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Maybe she's one of those girls who doesn't like to masturbate but still enjoys sex with other person, who knows.