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Gloria should be given Playboy like quality video treatment like other stunners Sybil/Kaleana, Sapphira etc.

What I meant is this: a lot of us through the years have tried to influence the pornographers when we like a girl, in order to them to book the girl again or to release a.s.a.p. What you did is nothing special, you're not a hero; so do not come here bragging about it because is ridiculous.

But don't worry about it Gloria, I still love you ;););)Yes, Yorkhesan is right.

Anyway, if she's gonna do more masturbation vids in the future, she will have to improve her performance.

On the other hand, the videos are worst, for instance, Gloria's first video there is out of focus most ot the time and has that unpleasent foggy look, very bad quality video. If you mean Hardcore a lot here aren't for that besides doing Playboy does not necessary mean no; Sybil did b/g (not crude) and Playboy but some get into the harder stuff a mistake not good but Gloria I don't think she will! Whether video or pics from the likes of the Metart network or W4B etc. Her face, smile, breast, ass, legs sigh...a package lovely Gloria is. Stay natural avoid the tats, Gloria has perfect boobs on a delightful body so no need to spoil, Sapphira, Michaela made those mistakes. But I also hope she gets out of the business before she gets jaded. Most of us would like lovely Gloria the way she is.

Playboyplus is not even close to Femjoy, Metart network, MPLStudios quality level! Gloria is top for a reason she is natural and her stuff is hot, a favourite on istripper Gloria is number 1 all the best to her. Gloria is beautiful and natural, please Gloria stay away from plastic surgery and tats.

On the other hand, Playboyplus vids(and pictures) sucks ass!!!

There should be more videos made of this stunning beauty, why don't site make clips of some of the most popular girls, many a beauty is lacking a decent set of clips!

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That last set of Metart called "Acoyni", is a complement of another set released at Eternaldesire under the name of "Calle".

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