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Studies of adaptation to chronic illness and the development of self-care systems and group care systems. Studies of the cost effectiveness of nurse utilization and preparation in relation to: acute care, long term care, extended care and community health. The Academy believes that these priorities, which have been and are being observed by nurse investigators, are justified for government support in terms of the quality of our nation's health and effectiveness of this nation's health services. MARYLAND 20014 TELEPHONE 30t — 530 7000 • CARl E fr Q Member Societies AMFRJCAN PMYSt OLOGICAL SOCIETY AMERICAN SOCIETY OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTS AMFRICAN SOCIETY FOR PHARMACOLOGY ANO EXPERIMENTAL THERAPEUTICS AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF PATHOLOGISTS AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF NUTRITION AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF IMMUNOLOGISTS EUGENE L HESS Executive Director JOHN R RICE. Secretary, This letter Is In response to yours of July 19 to Dr.

1 Studies to facilitate the successful utilization of new technological developments in patient care. Ed D SECRETARY GOVERNING COUNCIL B-10 Shirley Chater. Principle 5 ; HEW-supported research must be more effectively oriented to develop knowledge bases that support not just some but all the health missions of the Department — prevention, delivery, regulation, standard-setting, and cost control. CPA Cotiiptroller August 7, 1978 The Honorable Joseph A. Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare Washington, D. Eugene Hess requesting views and suggestions concerning principles which might Inform the development of a five-year plan to guide the allocation of limited government health research dollars among eight agencies of the Public Health Service and the Health Care Financing Administration.

^ Since that time, emphasis has been placed on the preparation of the nurse scholar, or the nurse investigator, in research to improve the quality of patient care. D N Sc VICE PRESIDENT GOVERNING COUNCIL Geraldene Felton, Ed. Principle 2 : We must assure that there are ample opportunities for young investigators. We wish you well in all your endeavors, and would greatly appreciate having a copy of your proposed principles. This survey Is now being refined so we can Identify areas 6t necessary research, and a consensus order of priority where possible.

The Academy is in full accord with this principle to the extent that one of the criteria for admission to the Academy is that the candidate has made research contributions beyond the masters thesis or doctoral dissertation and gives evidence of potential to continue to make contributions to nursing. Principle 3 : Basic research has to be accompanied by vigorous, thoughtful and, where appropriate, interdisciplinary application. If we can be of any further assistance, please contact us Most sincerely, ^ d (Mrs.) Donna C — ^uilera, Ph. Our target date for completion Is prior to the 17-19 Septoiber 1978 International Symposium on Down's Syndrome Research to be held In Boston, Mass.

Joseph Califano Secretary Department of Health, Education & Welfare Washington, D. I am par- ticularly concerned that Rehabilitation Research be brought into the forefront of this effort in order to insure the nation's cap- ability to meet the needs of the disabled and handicapped. It is in this light that respectfully urge you to consider continued and enhanced support of present and projected Rehabilitation Research Programs. Will such correction involve marriage and birth selection by the government, coerced sterilization, infanticide and abortion?

M S N American Academy of PHYSICAL MEDICINE and REHABILITATION 30 North Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60602 Telephone: (312) 236-9512 November 6, 1978 Mr. Califano: As President of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, I am writing to you in advocacy of a multi-year comprehensive strategy for support of Health Research. In essence rehabilitation is a multi- and interdis- ciplinary process. Experimentation on human beings -- even on those destined to die within a few hours because aborted -- signals acceptance of the theory that human beings may be used as mere means to an end, as objects of social and scientific purpose. The prospect of insuring healthy babies by correcting fetal deficiencies is uplifting, but it also confronts us with eugenic practices.

Research in nursing addresses the human and behavioral questions that arise in the treatment of disease, the prevention of ill- ness, and the maintenance of health. il M A»«gi«; nl »h« i.ltion /Vmcricaii i Vcatlcnu' oi Xiirsiii^ 2420 Pershing Road Kansas City. Ths Down's Syndrome Congress is pleased to be heard and wants to be kept informed. The Ocmnission made seventy-four specific reoonmendations vhich, if inplesnented, would by 1980 achieve a greater understanding of the causes of epilepsy and would develop inproved techniques for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and oontrol of epilepsy throu^ research. Wa are enclosing also testimony presented to both the House and Senate Labor/Health, Education, and Welfare Appropriations Subocmnittees by Dr.

The thrust of interdisci- plinary involvement is a reality in nursing. Missouri 64108 (816) 474 5720 -3- "Nursing Research Funds Inadequate" was the title of an article in the October 17, 1975 issue of The American Nurse . Richard Masland, former Executive Director of the Corao Lssicn for the Control of Epilep^ and Its Consequences, in bdicdf of the E^il^)^ Foundation of America.

Studies to facilitate the successful application of new knowledge to patient care. Priorities for Research in Nursing , Kansas City, Mo., The Association, 1976. The Federation looks forward to contributing at various points in the process over the next two years.

Because doctoral programs in nursing are fairly young -- from seven (7) five years ago (1973) to only 19 today, most of the approximately 1,800 nurses with earned doctorates (0.18 percent of the total) received theirs in other disciplines, especially in the social sciences such as sociology, psychology, anthro- pology. B-172 4 August 1978 Ths 17-19 Ssptsi^r 1978 Xntsrnatlonsl S 3 TBqoslu B and your Multi-Yssr Strstsgy 3-4 October 1978 Conference are encouraging oigna. Secretary: Thank you for this opportunity for the Epil^sy Foundation of America to contribute to the Department of Health, Education and Vfelfare multi- year strategy for support of health research.

So this principle is in keeping with how nurse investi- gators have been and are using the interdisciplinary approach in research . We the Down's Syndrome Congress attach great Importance to your efforts and haws hopes and great s Kpectation that more Importance, effort, money and priority will be granted research and attention to Down's Syndroms within all your Institutes. 61ASG0W, MA President Down's Syndroms Congress Cy fumi Bseeutiwe Ccmi Biteee Professor John Rynders B-173 Epilepsy FOUNDATION OF AMERICA Suite 406 • 1820 L Street. 0 C 20036 • (202) 293-2930 August 8, 1978 T3ie Honorable Joseph A. Secaretary of Health, Education, and V^fare Mhshington, O. As you knotty, the National Gcnniission for the Oontrol of Epilepsy and Its Oonsequenoes carefully studied research needs to develop ixnproved methods for preventing and cc Hitroling epilep^.

D., Director of Research Duke-Watts Family Medicine Program B-187 Group Health Association of America, Inc B-189 Hereditary Disease Foundation B-191 Institute of Food Technologists B-194 International Chiropractors Association B-195 International Committee Against Mental Illness B-200 Joslin Diabetes Foundation, Inc B-202 Latino Caucus of the American Public Health Association B-204 Lindeman, Carol A., R. D., School of Nursing, University of Oregon B-206 The Living Bank B-208 Manufacturing Chemists Association B-210 Maternity Center Association B-212 vi Page Matthews, Larry S. Principle 1 : To maintain at a high level and to enhance our support for fundamental research into biology and behavior. Ph D Mary Elizabeth Carnegie, D P A TREASURER Vernice Ferguson, M A Eloise Lewis, Ed D Harriet Werley, Ph D Mane Zimmer, MSN American Academy of IVursinj L^ 2420 Pershing Road Kansas City, Missouri 64108 ^ slahli sill'll 19/ I I Imli'i llis Af*qis of Ihp A II. We were pleased to note that the 1977 report of the National Research Council Committee on a Study of National Needs for Biomedical and Behavioral Research states that "nursing research is properly regarded today as a distinct area of scientific inquiry." We would further like to encourage diversity in research and for promoting creative research, rather than solely for targeted research. We feel more basic research and training should be accomplished regarding causes, prevention and education of Down's cltieens. Enclosed ia our April 1976 testimony submitted to all members of the House and Senate Appropriations Coanalttee. We the Down's Syndrome Congress have a survey underway which, when completed, ve intend to present to you for consideration.

According to Abdellah and Levine, the first organized and con- tinuing effort to do studies of nursing on a nationwide basis was in 1949 when the Division of Nursing Resources of the U. Public Health Service was established to carry out research and consultation in nursing. New York, Macmillan, 1965, p.3 Donna C Aguilera, Ph D PRESIDENT Jeanne Benoliel. I -111 an Nimsps Assoi lalinn ( 816 ) - 2 - The American Academy of Nursing views the support of this first principle as including research in nursing since nurses provide most of the direct and continuous care to people. We feel that vision is needed to provide research opportunities for all the health professions and related allied fields. We also feel a coor- dinated effort regarding current reaearch, future research and collection and dissemination of accurate data regarding Down's Syndrome is needed. Professpr John Rynders of the University of Minnesota and a member of our Board of Directors has gathered Input from professional medical, educational, consumer personnel concerned with Down's Syndrome. National Eye Institute National Inslilutee of Health ALAN M.

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