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For the mental well-being of all the tall women out there, please avoid saying the following seven statements … To a limit, tallness in women is considered a desirable trait, but when you are six foot tall, people begin to act like you’re a freak of nature. I often look at petite, small women with envy: they are considered cute and feminine, whereas I am considered Amazonian. Perhaps I could comment on the fact that you have brown hair? I don’t need to point it out, because (and here’s the crux) you know. Asking about my shoe size is none of your business and again, it hurts my feelings.

For example, in this particular instance, if a woman was wearing a 38D bra, it would change to a 34E.” So ladies (big and small-chested alike), on the hundredth anniversary of the bra, I think it’s time to do your boobs a favour and treat them to a bra which actually fits. I will leave you with three tips I learned at Boob School: 1.

Make sure your bra’s back panel/strap is firm and flush to your back.

(You should not be able to easily slide your hand underneath it when on). Ensure that the bra’s underwire sits nicely along your breasts. Make sure the bra’s cup sits smoothly along your skin and covers your boobs easily – not causing any double boobing, quadraboobing and the like.

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So, for the mental well-being of all the tall women out there, please avoid saying the following seven statements: Wow! You definitely wouldn’t stare at them and marvel at the size. ” And you certainly wouldn’t ask her what bra size she wears. Apply the boob test: would you make a joke about a woman’s breasts being so large they enter a room before she does? Asking me this question implies that you think men don’t find me attractive. So why is it okay to assume things about me because of my physical appearance? I honestly don’t mind helping people get things down from shelves, but only when I offer. “We’re prepared to e A global lifestyle platform for digital storytelling, premiering exclusive daily content.

“We wanted to launch Boob School in part to try and communicate to British women that DD just isn’t that massive.

Instead most women are regularly committing one of the seven common boob faux pas: 1.

The side boob - created by a bra’s wires in the cup sitting on the breast, causing it to spill out to the side, rather than on a woman’s rib cage. The quadraboob - made by bras which are too tight that make the breast spill over the top of the cup giving the impression of four boobs. The high rider - which is where the back of the bra is too loose and rides up. The big stand off – where the front of the bra doesn’t fit on the sternum. The super drooper - when bra fails to provide enough support. Saggy cups – too much fabric in the bra creates wrinkly cups. The ledge – when the bra causes over uplift making the breasts look like a shelf.

“But actually so many celebrities are wearing the wrong-sized bras and their misinformation becomes what people accept as fact about cup sizes,” explains Laura.

“It’s actually about the relationship between a woman’s back size and the cup.

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“Women don’t believe that they could possibly have bigger boobs than Katie Price (formerly known as Jordan), who says she is a DD.

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