Kitchener nude pics

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Kitchener nude pics

However, Busato said she never posted any with straight-up nudity.

All this attention has been bittersweet for Busato. But there have been hateful messages hurled at the models too, digging at their weight, their lifestyle and even little details, like their hair.

The photos have sparked heated conversations online and a temporary Facebook ban.

(Julia Busato Photography/Facebook)A photographer whose work portrays the bodies of women "who don't want to fit the mold" says she is "floored" after being temporarily banned by Facebook — again.

The remaining photos appear to fit within what Facebook allows nudity-wise.That's when things really took off — people started sharing the album (now more than 200,000 times) and her Facebook page has gained more than 50,000 new followers. "It's just been mayhem."It's not the first time Busato has been banned from the site, and that ticks her off."I'm totally floored by it. They don't justify why they do it."Her photos mostly feature women, but she has also photographed some men for the series.Under the ban she can log in and look around but she can't post or reply to anything."I'm freaking out. Busato said Facebook told her some of the reported photos violated their standards for nudity.She said reading them the past few days has been tough."I've been doing this for a while.I've been growing a bit of thick skin," Ingram admitted.

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Ingram figures the photo may have made someone uncomfortable — something she is not sorry about."We're choosing not to follow whatever society's standards is."Adina Ingram is one of the models who posed for Busato's series.

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