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Kevin garnett dating

Last year, there were reports that Brandi was also pregnant again, but that has not been confirmed.The couple prefers to live out of the spotlight, so, unfortunately, most of the rumors have gone unanswered.The wedding was actually the impetus to him missing the 2004 Athens Olympics.Brandi is the sister-in-law to famed Def Jam music producer Jimmy Jam Harris, as her sister Lisa Padilla is married to him.The couple currently resides in a .6 Million, 8,000 square foot home in Concord, MA.They have one child together, whose given name we do not know (and trust me,… KG is fiercely guarded over his private life, and has only called his daughter by a couple of nicknames like Peanut or Boo Boo.The news began swirling in 2011 during Kevin’s time with the Boston Celtics.Sources claimed that Kevin had an affair with the white lady named Krissy Freiberg for four years and that Freiberg had to move from Minnesota to Celtics when Kevin was transferred to Boston.

While her dad’s name isn’t known, Brandi’s mother is named Bernardette Padilla. Brandi has a sister named Lisa Padilla who is married to popular Def Jam producer Jimmy Jam Harris.

When Kevin was traded to the Brooklyn Nets in 2013, the couple sold the mansion for a loss at .635 million.

Brandi’s marriage to Kevin was threatened by a rumor that Kevin had been cheating on her with a cheerleader.

It is not clear how and when the couple met, but when they were ready to walk down the aisle, they let the media know.

After several years of dating, Brandi and Kevin tied the knot in July 2004 in an uber private ceremony in California.

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Brandi Padilla is best known as the wife of former NBA star Kevin Garnett.

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