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This distinction is pretty much always blurred when degrees of separation are talked about informally.

Problem #2: The 6.2 was the average only of the letters that made it to their destination, and that was only 64 out of 296.

O'Malley became governor, he persuaded a reluctant Mr. Amy Elias, the founder and CEO of Baltimore's Profiles public relations firm, who has worked with Mr. Cryor is a "next-generation civil rights leader," whose work focuses on economic justice.

Cryor to become chairman of the state Democratic Party. O'Malley when the future governor was working on Barbara Mikulski's first Senate run and he was chairing the campaign of one of her chief rivals. Joe Biden's presidential campaign, a fact the vice president needled him about during his commencement address at Morgan State last month, when Mr. Cryor on a variety of projects over the years, says what distinguishes him is thoughtfulness and deliberation. "He's been excellent in opening doors of opportunity for people," Mr. Morgan State University President David Wilson says Mr.

Mitchell — as well as one of our inaugural Hall of Fame inductees, former state Sen. We deeply appreciate their time, care and thoughtfulness in helping ensure we select the strongest possible class of inductees.

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In other words, this experiment suggests that two people in the US would be 6.2 steps on average away from each other if they’re connected at all, but they probably aren’t.

His primary career has been in public affairs, but that doesn't begin to cover the work he has done, from facilitating major corporate deals to tackling the seemingly intractable problems of his hometown.

This suggests that each person would need at least 68 personal acquaintances if there was no overlap.

But since many people share personal acquaintances, the actual number would have to be a lot higher.

w=241&h=300 241w, w=120&h=150 120w," sizes="(max-width: 241px) 100vw, 241px" / The notion of “degrees of separation” is once again in the news, thanks to Microsoft.

The basic idea is that you start with someone, look at everyone they know (where “know” would have to be defined in some way), then look at everyone that those people know, and see what happens.

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