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And her children are maybe believing something that didn’t happen the way they’re remembering it, and that sort of thing. This is based on a comic book, and this is a fun, sexy, irreverent version of the Devil coming to Los Angeles. My research is the writers’ brains, what they’re looking for with building this character and the show.”You know, I am and I’m not.A lot of fans have said, ‘The mother of the Devil, she’s going to be evil.’ She’s been held in Hell herself. She was up in Heaven, and she’s been shackled in Hell for eons of years. And so the writers, I think, [have] a lot of fun, because they get to take their spin on it. Because the show I think has kind of a timeless quality to it.Yes, LUCIFER fits into the genre, but it’s also not what I would typically think of as [genre], coming from BATTLESTAR, [which was] not a space show. I look more about character – that’s what draws me in to begin with – and then who you’re going to be working with.”Some people have taken issue with the fact that in reality, Helfer is too young to be the mother of Ellis and costar D. So she just happenstance falls into this, and I think it’s good in the way that Lucifer and Amenadiel aren’t going to be expecting that this is her.So they really spend a lot of the first episode [of the season] trying to find her – they don’t know who they’re looking for.

They don’t know what human vessel she’s going to be in.”As far as playing mother to her costars, Helfer relates, “I think it was good that I had scenes with Tom, single, and I had scenes with D. And I think that was important for me, and I think for them as well, that we could then have that one on one time off-camera.“That’s all just sort of our internal talking and figuring it out, because, I’m a celestial being. But then I’m like, ‘Okay, well, I played a robot on BATTLESTAR: GALACTICA.I played a serial killer in this or that or whatever.’ So at the end of the day, it’s a mother that wants to be with her children. Join forces with top celebrities and independent artists as we explore the new frontiers of cosplay, comics, video games, consumer electronics, music and apps in the world’s tech capital. ABOUT SILICON VALLEY COMIC CON Steve Wozniak presents Silicon Valley’s first-ever Comic Con, where two of America’s greatest superheroes—pop culture and technology—will unite!

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