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Our dislike for Islamabad was so extreme we wanted to take the first available flight back to Karachi, if we could. ” would be the discussion my sister and I would have time and again.The narrowness of Tariq Road and Zainab Market would make shopping a hassle and we’d feel that good old Jinnah Super is so much better with its little crowd.The congested roads, the long distances and most of all, the fact that we had to be super-careful of our cellphones and handbags in public would seem frustrating. When friends from Karachi would come on a visit to Islamabad, rather than discovering a mutual love for our hometown, my mom would msay how genuinely content she was with small city life. My youngest and the then six-year-old sister, Ujala, was, as one could imagine, too naïve to form an opinion about such matters.I really don’t know what to make of our love for Islamabad.Maybe, smaller city life has turned my mom, sister and I into “softer” people, as my dad likes to put it.Even my dad, who loves the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan, was having an equally hard time settling in.

My dad happened to reconnect with some really old friends who had families of their own, and as time passed, we became so frank with our uncles and aunties and their kids (normally they were my youngest sister’s age but that didn’t matter) that our weekends were not so boring anymore.Talk about the lack of party and sociable environment and they’ll revert back with an argument like: So there you have it!Five years down the road and I’m moving back to the town that was once my beloved (or was it?From what we abhorred the most, a kind of love began taking shape without our knowledge.We did get used to the peaceful and quite lifestyle of the capital.

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