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" Then my parents ended up finding out through a letter I had written to a girl at summer camp, but then it became something we really didn’t discuss. It was a Christian high school, and I didn’t fit in there to begin with. I didn’t have a butch haircut—I just had a short little pixie haircut.

I mean, it was a really a Stepford Wives kind of vibe.

I was dating boys at the time, so I thought, "I’ll just deal with this later! My high school was in the South, and it was very conservative.She’s also not playing by herself, and her two bandmates have not only become a mainstay on tour, they were also a large part of her songwriting on the album.King used to play all the instruments on her own, where now she has multi-instrumentalist Dan Brantigan and drummer Jordan Perlson in more of a collaborative effort.“With Dan and Jordan and I, we just really locked into rehearsing together and I’d come in with a simple idea and we’d play it and they’d go ‘Oh why don’t we change the beat here?Until We Felt Red reveals a mind—and a talent—that is constantly on the move--searching, challenging, questioning.On the eve of the album’s August 8th release on Velour Records, King exhibited a similar vigorousness during an interview that touched upon such topics as her musical evolution, her coming-out experience, and her thoughts on gay marriage.

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