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In the above shown package hierarchy, create a package named ‘com.tutorialspoint.eclipselink.service’, under ‘src’ (source) package.

All the service classes named as Create, Update, Find, and Delete Persistence; import com.tutorialspoint.eclipselink.entity. Employee; public class Create Employee In the above code the create Entity Manager Factory () creates a persistence unit by providing the same unique name which we provide for persistence-unit in file.

comes under the given package as follows: Creating an Employee class named as Create as follows: package com.tutorialspoint.eclipselink.service; import javax.persistence. The entitymanagerfactory object will create the entitymanger instance by using create Entity Manager () method.

The entitymanager object creates entitytransaction instance for transaction management.

By using entitymanager object, we can persist entities into database. Persistence; import com.tutorialspoint.eclipselink.entity. Employee; public class Delete Employee After compilation and execution of the above program you will get notifications from Eclipselink library on the console panel of eclipse IDE.

Property Access Exception is thrown when I want to remove Child entity from Parent. Child(null); entity Manager.merge(parent); entity Manager.flush(); ... When I try the same code with eclipselink 2.1.0 everything is ok. We have run into the following issue with Hibernate.

Illegal State Exception: Not allowed to create transaction on shared Entity Manager - use Spring transactions or EJB CMT instead org.jpa.

Shared Entity Manager Creator$Shared Entity Manager Invocation Handler.invoke(Shared Entity Manager proxy.$Proxy6Transaction(Unknown Source)

If I read a Person and Phones in one session, then make a change to a Phone ...

Hibernate version: 3.1.2 Short description: I'm using merge (for reasons I won't get into now) to persist an object graph containing multiple new entities.

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When we call Entity Manager.merge(Parent) by clearing out all the children, it is ...

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