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If I read a Person and Phones in one session, then make a change to a Phone ...Hibernate version: 3.1.2 Short description: I'm using merge (for reasons I won't get into now) to persist an object graph containing multiple new entities.Now I do a merge so that I can save the updates to the parent object. I am trying to model a parent child relationship with a one-to-many and cascade="all" option.I didn't go for bidirectional relationship because I always traverse from parent to child.The persistent objects from the server are retrieved and passed onto gui where they are manipulated and sent back to server.Thus the objects I deal with in the update are transient/detached. Author Message DWright Post subject: Unexpected update of parent in merge of parent-child Posted: Wed Apr 12, 2006 pm Regular Joined: Wed Jul 07, 2004 pm Posts: 64 I have a simple eager unidirectional 1-many relationship between Person and Phone.I have 2 basic entities "Parent" and "Child" with bidirectional orphan Removal One To One association between them.Property Access Exception is thrown when I want to remove Child entity from Parent. Child(null); entity Manager.merge(parent); entity Manager.flush(); ... When I try the same code with eclipselink 2.1.0 everything is ok. We have run into the following issue with Hibernate.

Based on the row action property on Parent/Child we call Entity Manager.merge() on Parent and Child separately (although both calls may happen in the same transaction).

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As mentioned above we are using My SQL database for database operations.

The main modules for this example are as follows: Let us take the package hierarchy which we have used in the JPA installation with Eclipselink.

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