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I also noticed that in the demo, the map works about half the time, and still shows up when it is not needed.

Then I saw the member directory, which made me think that I could use it to add another feature to my site, such as people interested in dating.

The site owners now a days likes to login (with jomsocial profile) and control his own links, have automated link submission, choose to add banners or pay for advertisements, automated check link system, have his link added to his Jomsocial profile, etc.

It;s nice for the site owner to Tweet out automatically new listings, to post in jomsocial feeds and offer reward points for people who review or like websites in the directory.

I have a great directory at the moment that does all of that.

If you need professional support, feel free to join the club and use the ticket system for subscribers.

as I can not believe how many reviews this software got. Not seemingly very functional to any website that has modern features.

Joomla is known for extensions, so why they would not integrate with some of the most popular like JFBConnect, Jomsocial, Easy Blog, Alpha User Points, etc. They appear set up as a bait and switch, but not too badly, I would have probably paid about 0-0 for installation and software if it would have had all the capabilities I was looking for and could integrate into my current site, but it simply seems too outdated to work, and because of that I am assuming that the developers are just too set in their ways to modernize it or work with other extensions.

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